Music by Brooklyn Rider

"It’s as if My Dinner with Andre had been co-written by Thomas Pynchon and William Gibson" - Brian Howe, Indyweek


What do we gain in our quest for immortality?

What might we lose?

Is technological progress the product of free will...

or a Faustian bargain?



Plagued by a digital doppelganger, young Edwin agrees to participate in a study run by the mysterious Professor Southcott. The contract Edwin signs promises him wealth and a clean slate; in exchange, he must upload his mind into Dummy, a robot capable of mirroring Edwin’s being through artificial intelligence.

A horrifying yet humorous exploration of the fragility of the human soul.


Played in Brooklyn at The Brick!


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This production was funded by an Innovations Grant from the Institute of the Arts and Humanities at UNC-Chapel Hill